A downloadable game for Windows

The full version of BROK the InvestiGator is coming soon (2022)

STEAM : https://store.steampowered.com/app/949480/
GOG : https://www.gog.com/game/brok_the_investigator

Play the free prologue now!

Narrative-driven adventure game that blends action and investigation in never-before-seen ways. Will you use your brain... or your brawn?

In a futuristic "light cyberpunk" world where animals have replaced humans, privileged citizens live under a dome protected from the ambient pollution while others struggle to make a living outside. 

Brok, a private detective and former boxer, lives with Graff, the son of his deceased wife. Although he could never elucidate her accident, recent events may shed some light on an even more tragic outcome... one that may be linked to their own existence. 

Will they be able to withstand the threats of this corrupted world and face their own destiny?


A deep and emotional narrative-rich experience filled with characters reminiscent of classic 80s/90s cartoons.
The first game to combine a "Classic Adventure" with "Beat'em up" and RPG elements!

  • Text fully translated into 10 languages
  • Solve puzzles with your wits... or muscles!
  • Make choices impacting gameplay and/or story
  • Easy mode for pure "Point & Click" gameplay (fights can be skipped)
  • Level up to beat enemies and bosses
  • Combine clues to uncover the truth!
  • In-game hints
  • All controls supported (mouse, keyboard or controller)
  • Fully voice acted

Please note : The prologue is only available on Windows. Mac and Linux versions will be worked on after the full game release.


BrokPrologueDRMFREE_1.14.zip 759 MB

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i loved the demo, i cant wait for the game to be released but will there be any more public updates before the release?

Hi, thanks! I don't intend to update the demo, I'm focused on the full game. Maybe there'll be a small update to include recent fanarts though.


I am wondering if this will have a linux release?


Hi, yes, but only some time after the full release. I want to make sure I don't have to update many builds at once.

The Prologue should be fully playable via Proton right now though!

Eu queria saber se o jogo funciona com o  joiplay emulador

Hello, I wasn't aware of such emulator but it appears this is for RPG Maker games, and mine isn't. (it's made with GameMaker)


Thank you! ^^


I am in love with this game. I can feel the love poured into it!  Can't wait to play more of it! I regrettably was on a time crunch when I tried it out!


Nice, and please do :)

Would you consider (as several others have done in the racial justice bundle and promise for the ongoing bundle) providing the full release to Palestinian Aid bundle supporters?

Hi, there's no full release yet :p I'm still working on the game.

I have posted my game Demetrios to be included though. But it seems the bot hasn't picked it up yet / they haven't refreshed.

Hi i play it on steam. is it different from steam version? 

Hi, it's the same version everywhere :)

Will there be 18+ scenes?(Будут ли сцены 18+?) ^ ^


Hi, no this should be a T rated game - the adult stuff is on a morale level, not graphical XD I want everyone to be able to play it. Thanks for asking though! Try the prologue and see if you like it! :) 


Oh, sorry of course(. The game is visually beautiful.

No problem ^^ Thanks!


Like the mix of rpg with beat'em up, great game! It is in my week's Top 5!

Check my video!


Awesome, thanks for the video!

Quite a bit of slowdown though, maybe because you were recording? I know the game is a bit demanding on the graphics card.

yes the game was a little bit slow with recording.

Why Only For Windows I requested Android Please if you want To Release I appreciate

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Hi, sorry, making a game like this is complex so I can only focus on one version at a time. PC is priority right now but when the game is complete, I'll consider a mobile port! (my previous game Demetrios is available on mobile)

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Thanks I will Keep Waiting For Mobile Version ❤

Hire others? my best idea

Until the game is complete, that wouldn't help. Another issue is the monetization. Games with "premium" price barely sell on mobile and adding microtransactions would modify the core gameplay.

ok. Sorry for the suggestion

No problem! ^^ I may still release it on mobile someday but this will need special adaptations. We'll see


Looks like fun, and you're bringing it to all PC platforms. Thumbs up.

Thanks! Not only PC platforms but to all consoles, I always make my games available on as many machines as possible :)

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COWCAT great jobs .. like idea beat em uo fusion point & click :D

Awesome, thanks for the video! :)
It'll be on Kickstarter next monday! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cowcatgames/brok-the-investigator

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:D i have play all game cowcat ;D i want give special kiss all team cowcat ..alwasy give key ;D (keymailar) ...:* and wait version playstation --hope ... cowcat is best :D